🛌🏼Get out of bed and f’in make something

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Every day feels like a grind. It didn’t always feel this way. But something changed, and you can’t put your finger on why.

This tale is as old as time for software engineers. And the reason is not really a mystery.

You make good money, but the truth is you can do better. Building products for your boss doesn’t benefit you beyond the immediate future.

And you know that. So you say you’re going to save up a bunch of money and retire early. And suffer in the meantime? For a meager and humble future?

There must be a better way. Knowing this deep down is why you suffer. If there really wasn’t another way, you would be satisfied

You have one of the most in demand skills, and you want to throw away that potential? Is that really what you want, or do you just think there isn’t a way to monetize your skill?

Internet businesses are making up about 10 Trillion in market cap. This is a huge chunk of global capita. By skimming off a tiny sliver, you would be beyond comfortable and most importantly free.

The good news is this is doable - without luck, investors, or get rich quick schemes - you just need to be waken up to the possibilities.

If you want to escape that cylce, that meaningless grind of learning useless frameworks and libraries and tools, start taking small steps.

As an assignment, go find 10 new companies making more in a month than you do, with software you can make in a few months.

This is purposely vague, because working in a crippling day-care like work environment has likely stifled your creativity. Here is a tip / place to start. appsumo

The reason most people tell me why they didn’t start isnt what you would expect. Its not funding. It’s not time. These can be worked around.

It’s ignorance. Admitting that is the next step.

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